Dragon Dictation Sucks for Accuracy, but is Great for Comedy

I recorded this into Dragon Dictation on the way home after dropping my daughter off at school. I didn’t see how horribly it had been dictated until I got home. Probably just as well, since I was talking about something that is both painful and uncomfortable to discuss. So, I’ve decided that even though Dragon Dictation sucks it is great for comedy, and it has coded my overly personal blog post enough that it really is more funny than sad now. Yippee! Here it is EXACTLY as Dragon Dictation recorded it:

What good that good academic. It is somebody who right thing a erratically without any good extra credit on try to get a pet is on Eriko doesn’t care about it at that there’s didn’t have read that someone would not all that he can make sure that is student. A content as well as understand what next a good administrator? Isn’t someone who follows the letter of the law and you have no backbone in standing up to that long. I am a little better today. I have been accused by one of my student that I used to trust and that I did all I could order up doing something on ethical with getting in a school in another country. I was originally shocked and then angry and then add and now I’m just frustrated. It is impossible to fully concentrate on my work with it on the big hanging over my head. And my school administration that impossible to make a judgment. So I am getting when and when I want lunch updated academic committee is if they open it hell and spa and I would much rather play in a charity of people randomly selected and charity up I will call anything all to hear it without considering I wonder if I do it because they have been training a day and all the answers are and where they might not understand . And I wish I could say that this was no big deal but it’s not. It’s huge. It is the kind of thing that is a career change. And by career change or it isn’t a good day. In fact it’s like Yeop. It had the back of the way that I approach all my work at the universe equipment. It changes the way I think about my research. It changes the way I think about like you. And it should dearly limit the kind that possible opportunities that I even dared to attempt with my graduate student. Where is the jacket? How am I going to DVD? Cool what old BA student accountable that may default allegation? It isn’t in my university administration. They don’t have the backbone or the committee system to make that happen. It apparently isn’t going to be in the student yourself. She now have to stick to the story no matter what. In order to not look up pool herself. And why not? District them for making complaints at university is completely back to get the professor and completely in favor of the administration.


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  1. That was actually super fun to read.

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