The Sabbatical Input/Output is Heating Up!

I never really expected for my sabbatical to be this busy. My idea was that I would work on projects one-by-one and then heavily supplement my writing with reading. So far, the record isn’t so good. I’ve been extremely productive so far (2 articles completed and submitted for review; 2 edited volumes in the works; 1 article drafted and with co-author for revision; new website developed to showcase professional work (not this blog, but another one); and both syllabi for classes in the Fall completely drafted. I’m still way behind. There are at least 4 more articles/chapters I have to complete in February – which is probably not going to happen – and I’ve now gotten a request to contribute a proposal for a national education research institute. Reading, which is one of my true pleasures, has taken a back seat again in favor of “productivity”. That stinks because the reading is what fuels the writing productivity. If I don’t read, then I don’t have new input coming in. If I don’t have new input coming in, I don’t produce the highest quality writing…and the connections continue. In addition, I’ve completely abandoned the exercise and language learning components of my perfect schedule (see my earlier post here). What to do about this? Do I just say forget it, and stick to my perfect schedule? Or, do I say I can do it, and squeeze it all in (even if some of it turns out to be a bit late)? Hmm. I think I need more coffee.


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