Lots of water under the bridge

This sabbatical is flying by! Since I last posted, I have had several writing projects come and go, and have even done a high-profile talk in NYC. The one thing I regret is that I have not been able to disconnect from my grad students who are graduating this semester. They are wonderful students, and many still need my help as they navigate the final touches to their theses and degree programs. It is my pleasure to help, and I want them all to succeed, but it does detract from my other projects. I will hopefully remember to plan better for this next time around so that anyone graduating in the same semester I’m on sabbatical will have an alternative mentor and feel comfortable enough with them that they won’t need me. My goal will be to make myself obsolete (at least for that semester).

Otherwise, I have too many deadlines now, but find that the deadlines get me moving. I don’t think I can motivate myself enough without the pressure to complete. That’s one of the reasons I’ve even neglected this blog. The deadlines are piling up and every spare moment I am typing I feel that I should be writing toward a deadline. Even the 5 minutes to update this is precious time! That’s okay. Everyone needs a little break…but now I’m back to revising my latest draft for that Friday deadline.


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  1. Is there video of your NYC talk anywhere?

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